Information For Growers is a professionally developed website directory designed to bring the buying public in contact with native plant professionals. This includes native plant growers, retailers, landscapers and designers. Your business can be listed here for $20/year. was started by a native grower ( for native growers to make it easier for the buying public to find our businesses. I’ve heard a number of times (too many times!) that a customer didn’t know we were here…even though they lived just a few miles from the nursery. We need to change that!

By listing with prospective customers will see exactly where you are located, pinned to the map. Clicking on the pin will display a short Summary of your business including address, phone number, link to your website and your hours. The products and/or services you offer will be displayed here, too. Categories include annuals, biennials, perennials; organic; trees and shrubs; larger caliper trees and shrubs; prairie seeds and mixes; fertilizer, media, and pots; and landscape design/install. Your business will be displayed side-by-side with other native plant businesses that match the search criteria input by the customer. Customers will be able to see, for example, how many nurseries in a 25 mile radius from their location sell annuals, biennials and perennials.

Clicking the map pin will also allow the customer to see our Read More feature. Read More opens to an entire full page dedicated to your business in the directory. There is space for a 1500 character paragraph about your business, your business philosophy and maybe even how it all got started. It’s your opportunity to address your customers personally about the things you want them to know about your business. They’ll see all your contact information on that page, too. You’ll be able to add up to 6 pictures of your nursery that will be displayed as thumbnails but will expand when you rollover them. Your product categories will be displayed again and this page can be printed by customers or saved to a .pdf file. The mapping feature not only displays where you are located but also allows the customer to input their current location and get turn-by-turn directions to your location. This is a great tool to allow customers to plan a nursery-hop, or visiting several nurseries in a single trip.

We have also installed tracking software on the site to determine how many visitors there are to  AND how many then convert to your site.

So who is the target audience for listing in this directory? Any native plant professional that emphasizes and promotes the use of Ohio native plants in whatever form that takes. That would include growers, retailers, landscapers and designers. If you’re working with native plants then we see a place for you in the directory. If you have any questions about this please email us from the Contact page. Our goal is not to exclude anyone but we do have a relatively narrow focus.

Once you’ve filled in the form and clicked submit it will take about a day for your information to be displayed.   We can make changes to your information if necessary.

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