Information for Customers was designed with you in mind!    We’re working on getting all of the small, unique native plant nurseries in Ohio organized into one directory so you can see where they are located and what they are all about.  As a small, native tree and shrub nursery ourselves ( we know the difficulty of getting word out about our product especially in the early years.  It finally occurred to us that we ought to try and organize these growing professionals so that you can find them easily and read their story. is the result!

Using the website is simple!

In the Category dropdown choose the products you are looking for,

enter your Zip Code,

then, using the slider adjust the Search in Radius in miles you wish to travel.

The map displays all of the nurseries that match your search criteria and their contact information.  The default setting (that is, no category selected) shows all the nurseries in the defined radius.  Listed below the map is a short summary of each of the selected nurseries complete with contact information.   Clicking on the map pin will display more information including a business description written by the owner and accompanying photographs of their business.

This last point is very important!  Would you please forward this website link to your gardening friends?  We don’t know all the growers in Ohio but if you run across some, or even one, would you encourage them to contact us?  Our measure of success will be to see the map populated with dozens of pins and people using this directory to find their next, well kept nursery treasure.  This directory service costs $20/yr.  Thank you in advance for helping us get the word out!