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Riverside Native Trees and Nursery, LLC sells container grown, local provenance Ohio and Midwest native trees and shrubs.  Our primary product is a 4'-6' tree and 2' -3' shrubs in 3 gallon, root pruning containers.  We also sell seedling sized trees generally 1-2' in 1.25 qt containers.  We offer contract growing if you need stock in different sizes.  We work with restoration and reforestation professionals, park personnel as well as individual homeowners.   Many homeowners are now seeing the ecological benefit of adding native trees and shrubs to diversify their home landscape.  The larval stages of most of our butterfly and moth species are only adapted to feed on native plants. If you want these creatures you'll have to plant accordingly.  With many species to choose from we can find trees and shrubs that fit appropriately in your landscaping whether your soil is wet or dry or the site sunny or shady.  If you need fall color, spring color, flowers, fruits for birds or just something unusual we offer over 50 species of native plants that thrive in our varied growing conditions.  Visit the map feature of our website to see which plant species are known from your particular area.

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2295 River Road, Delaware, OH 43015
Phone: 740.815.3230

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