Nodding Onion Gardens, LLC Est. 2010


Marty and I have owned and operated Nodding Onion Gardens, LLC, in Columbia Station, Ohio, since 2010. We established our family business with the goal of providing locally sourced, organically raised, quality native plants. This remains our mission!

We propagate our native Ohio plants using organic farming principles, the majority of which are started from seed. This not only ensures our stock remains diverse, strong and healthy, it is our passion! We strive to procure Ohio ecotype, as it has a "history" with our region. A significant portion of this seed is harvested at our nursery.

Ohio native plants are sold in gallon pots (nursery trade) once they are in their second season and have survived an Ohio winter outdoors!

Contact Information
10031 Dupont Drive Columbia Station, Ohio 44028 United States

Zoning Regulations - Due to zoning regulations, our nursery is not open to the public. However, inquiries are certainly welcome. We attend Frostville Farmer's Market, several times a season. See our Events Page for dates.

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