Native Landscaping and Consulting, LLC Est. 2015

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Native Landscaping and Consulting is a small landscaping company and nursery. The primary workload includes invasive and unwanted species removal, habitat creation, habitat restoration, enhancing existing habitats, plus most traditional landscaping services. Creating a habitat usually involves removing unwanted species and planting native trees, shrubs, and perennials to provide food and shelter for wildlife. Restoring habitat often involves removing invasive species from a forest edge or woodlot and planting native trees, shrubs, and perennials over a longer period of time. The end goal of restoration is to increase biodiversity and provide wildlife with more food and shelter. I grow over twenty species of native plants. A list can be found on the website. I am a backyard grower in the city, so call or text ahead to set up a time if you would like to purchase native plants. Even if you are curious about native plants or have general questions, please just call. I am here to help!

Contact Information
825 Melrose Avenue, Columbus, OH, USA 43224

Open daily 7A-7P. Please call before visiting.

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