Go Natives Now

We grow and sell native plants and seeds for the Cincinnati, Ohio tristate area. Our native plants and seeds are produced locally. We sell pure natives of the Cincinnati area, native plants that would grow here naturally, not cultivars of native plants. Check our Native Plants List on our website, GoNativesNow.com, to see what we […]

Companion Plants, Inc. Est. 1982

We sell over 600 varieties of common and exotic herb plants and seeds. Our definition of an herb is a plant that has been used by someone, somewhere, for any of a number of uses – culinary, medicinal, dye, fiber. etc. While many of our offerings are from around the world, approximately 25% of what […]

Natives in Harmony Est. 2009

Natives in Harmony is a native plant nursery working hard to make Ohio genotypes available for anyone interested in using natives to create habitat for native pollinators, birds, and other native wildlife species. If you are new to native plants, Natives in Harmony is a great place to start. Knowledgeable staff members are always willing […]

Riverside Native Trees and Nursery, LLC Est. 2005

Riverside Native Trees and Nursery, LLC sells container grown, local provenance Ohio and Midwest native trees and shrubs.  Our primary product is a 4′-6′ tree and 2′ -3′ shrubs in 3 gallon, root pruning containers.  We also sell seedling sized trees generally 1-2′ in 1.25 qt containers.  We offer contract growing if you need stock […]